air fryer salmon

Have you ever made salmon in the air fryer? It is the weeknight dinner of your dreams! All you need is a few ingredients and a few minutes to make this perfectly cooked, tender, flaky salmon that the whole family will love.

Step 1

Place the salmon filet skin-side down on a sheet of aluminum foil that is small enough to fit in the basket of your air fryer. Blot it with a paper towel to dry off any moisture. Brush or spray the salmon filet with olive oil.

Step 2

Sprinkle salmon with garlic powder, dill weed and sea salt (or desired seasonings - see notes for variations.)

Step 3

Lift sheet of foil & place it into the air fryer basket. Set air fryer to 400 degrees; cook for 12-15 minutes on the "air fry" setting. (Should read 145°F on a meat thermometer & flake easily with a fork.

Step 4

Remove salmon from air fryer. To remove from foil: Carefully slide a spatula between the skin and the salmon flesh, wiggling it slightly to help separate it from the skin. The salmon should easily lift away, leaving the skin stuck to the piece of foil. Discard foil.

Step 5

Squeeze fresh lemon juice over salmon if desired and serve immediately.

Step 5

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